In fact, they happen to one-third of adults every year. The good news is your sunburn will typically heal in 5 to 10 days. The bad news is every sunburn is painful, irritating and damaging to your skin. Redness, pain, warm skin, nausea, swelling and blisters are all common symptoms of sunburn. Areas neglected by sunscreen are also the most frequently and seriously fried: the ears, neck, back of the hands and tops of the feet. These small and sensitive areas can benefit from ALOCANE® Severe Sunburn Gel. However, if you are unlucky enough to be suffering from a full-body-miserable-lobster-like sunburn, do not turn to home remedies, Instead, here are the most effective ways to treat your sunburn.

Get out of the sun.

Throw in the beach towel and stop your burn from getting worse as soon as you notice it starting to develop. You can begin treating your sunburn as soon as you get out of the sun.

Cool down. Fast.

Cold showers (no soap or body wash) and cold compresses can help alleviate the heat, a common sunburn symptom. Avoid the temptation to apply ice to the most painful areas, as ice will irritate the sensitive skin and may cause further damage.


Your burned skin needs all the help it can get. Moisturizers with aloe vera calm inflamed and sun-damaged skin. Apply aloe vera to any blisters that may have formed. Its protective properties will defend your skin against infection. Avoid lotions that contain oil or petroleum jelly—these ingredients are popular moisturizers but trap in heat and make your burn worse. Moisturize regularly while your sunburn is healing.

Brace for the pain.

It can take several hours for a sunburn to fully develop. Stop the pain before it reaches its crescendo by taking ibuprofen or aspirin. To numb and soothe the seriously burned areas, apply ALOCANE® Severe Sunburn Gel..

Drink water.

Dehydration is common after prolonged sun exposure. Drink water or liquids that restore electrolytes while your burn heals. Sunburns are temporary but can have lasting and damaging effects. If you have experienced more than 5 sunburns, your chances of developing melanoma double. Treating sun-damaged skin properly can help address these serious issues, but prevention is the only way to keep your skin healthy. Wear sunscreen and protective clothing whenever you plan to be outdoors.

ALOCANE® Maximum Strength Emergency Burn Gel is specifically formulated to treat sunburned areas no larger than your hand. Use only as directed.


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